…Especially in the case of my Mother’s Day massage giveaway contest. I only received one entry this time around, but it was one that made a profound impact on my heart. My thoughts and prayers go out to Alexis’ mom, whom I look forward to bringing some peace and R&R to her mind, body and soul.

My mom definitely deserves an hour of rejuvenation with Curtis, or as I like to call him, the magic muscle man… It has been a difficult year for my mother. She is struggling with cancer and the past couple of weeks have been especially hard. She is taking an experimental drug that is affecting her physically and emotionally. My mom is a very strong, independent and amazing woman, but this ailment had affected her mind and body. I know of no one better than Curtis to help her reconnect the body and mind to create a flow of positive energy that I know she needs more than anything right now. I love you mom.